Jon's Vision

Taking Care of our Seniors

Our seniors should have the right to remain in their communities close to their family, friends, and neighbors. However, the reality is that too many of our seniors on fixed incomes are being forced out of their homes. Over the next decade, the number of homeless seniors in Boston is projected to triple from 570 to 1,560.

Too many of our seniors are now struggling to afford their homes and cannot afford to maintain their homes. Rising rents, rising property taxes, skyrocketing cost of living, and expensive healthcare are forcing our seniors out of the communities they helped to build. Right now, 74% of elderly people living alone in Boston do not have sufficient income to cover necessary expenses, and 40% of these have incomes too high to qualify for public benefits

And for too many of our seniors that do live here, accessing information or city services is difficult or impossible. We should be actively connecting our seniors with services like The Ride, healthcare resources, housing support, and other forms of relief.

Boston has made great strides in becoming a more elderly friendly city, including lengthening sidewalks, installing age-friendly benches, and the development of a plan. However, we need to be doing more to make sure Boston is a senior-friendly city.

Jon has been a staunch supporter of our elderly residents on Beacon Hill, including voting to increase the Community Choices program by $16.3 million, allocating $17.4 million for Prescription Advantage, a program that helps seniors get affordable prescriptions, and providing $7.7 million for Supportive Senior Housing at State and Federally-Assisted Housing Sites.

However, our seniors are being pushed out of our city now and cannot wait for aid. Jon will be the biggest champion and loudest advocate for our elderly residents in city hall. As mayor, Jon will:

  1. Rethink how we connect seniors to services and city resources.
    • Create Age Strong neighborhood liaisons.
    • Expand volunteer programs.
    • Amplify the Foster Grandparent program.
    • Provide technical assistance to businesses to attract more elderly customers.
    • Listen to our seniors.
  2. Focus on the issues that impact our seniors most.
    • Accessible transportation.
    • Aging in place strategies.
    • Access to healthcare needs.
    • Bridge the digital divide.
    • Provide relief from increasing property taxes.
      1. Establish clear and transparent assessment criteria.
      2. Lengthen the assessment appeal period.
      3. Increase the resident exemption for seniors 65+.
    • Provide access to food and groceries. 
    • Address dangerous clutter and give back to communities.
  3. Advocate on Beacon Hill to continue passing legislation supporting our seniors. 
    • Expand medicaid coverage.
    • Mitigate the medicaid cliff.
    • Reduce prescription drug prices down.
    • Provide more funding for senior specific mental health resources.