Jon's Vision

Smart Planning and Equitable Growth

Development is without a doubt one of the most pressing issues facing our city today. However, Jon believes the underlying and more critical discussion should be around development equity and economic justice. The current planning and development paradigm has led to a critical lack of affordable housing that hurts our families, harms our neighborhoods, and handicaps our economy. The luxury condo boom has added high end supply that caters to high end, out of market buyers, while lagging in the creation of housing for hard-working, every day Bostonians. This has led to large scale gentrification and mounting family displacement.

Jon has stepped up to become a leader on development issues. As a state representative, Jon saw how his community felt their voices were not being heard and committed to amplifying their voices. Jon partnered with neighbors in the Back Bay to successfully promote greater climate resilience in the Parcel 12 project, as well as prevent the sale of the Hynes Convention Center. Jon also led the swift permitting process for the Fenway CDC to build affordable units at New Castle Saranac and has worked to extend affordability throughout the South End. Jon will take this community centered approach and craft a more equitable, comprehensive, and fair Boston. As mayor, Jon will:

  1. Focus on affordable housing
    • Preserve and expand existing affordable housing.
    • Separate Affordable Housing Development and Regular Development.
  2. Update our antiquated and outdated zoning
    • Implement 21st century zoning reform that focuses on incentivizing affordable housing, green development, and transit-oriented housing.
    • Reform the Article 80 Process to ensure community engagement.
    • Create a clear permitting process with consistent benchmarks.
  3. Equity in governance and membership to BPDA boards and leadership positions..
  4. Focus on Climate Resilience and Mitigation.
    • Net-zero building emissions by 2035 for new development.
    • Retrofit our existing infrastructure.
  5. Focus on planning first, developing later. 
    • Ensure Planning Dictates Development.
    • Plan for equity.
    • Restrict Urban Renewal.