• Jon Santiago

Poison control officials warn about the dangers of opioid exposure to children

Poison control centers of America want to share a powerful message about the dangers of opioid exposure.  

Medical professionals told 22News they work with the Poison Control Center every day to figure out what adults and children may have ingested. 

“We certainly have calls about adults that are using drugs to get high and also young toddlers who are finding various drugs in their environment and ingesting them unintentionally,” Michelle Burns said. 

Roxbury State Representative Jon Santiago, who also works as an Emergency Room doctor at Boston Medical Center, said he had to call poison control twice Monday night. 

“You’ll have patients who ingest a whole host of things sometimes accidentally, sometimes purposely and it’s important that we have poison control folks on the other side to help manage those patients,” Rep. Santiago said. 

Poison Control officials suggest knowing the ingredients of the medicine you’re taking, and only using its prescribed dose. 

They also said medicine should be locked up and stored in child-proof containers to prevent accidents that could result in a trip to the ER or worse.

If you’re having a reaction from not taking medicine as directed, you’re urged to call poison control, but you should call 911 for all other medical emergencies.

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