• Jon Santiago

Doctors warn of local impact from COVID-19 spikes in other states


Doctors in Massachusetts are warning about the local impacts as other states across the country are seeing spikes in coronavirus cases.

Nearly two dozen states are seeing increases of COVID-19 cases. Massachusetts is not in that group -- but with travelers arriving from elsewhere, some experts say we should do more to keep it that way.

Dr. Jon Santiago said we're already seeing out-of-state cases affect the Bay State.

“This past weekend alone, we had two patients who had traveled from the south, came to Massachusetts after visiting loved ones or a family member and were COVID-19-positive,” he said.

Santiago is also a state lawmaker. On Monday he introduced a bill aimed at a preventing a second surge.

The bill includes mandating masks and enforcing two-week quarantines for travelers from states with high case numbers -- punishable with a fine.

New York announced a similar move Monday. The state now mandates visitors from hot spots provide contact information or face a fine.

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