Health Care is a Human Right

As an emergency room doctor, Jon works on the frontlines of the opioid crisis and sees the disparities in our health care system up close every day. Although Massachusetts led the nation in expanding access to care with its 2006 health care reform, for too many, quality and affordable health care remains out of reach. Jon will support policies that ensure truly universal coverage, such as a Medicare for All system; protect MassHealth from devastating cuts; and fight for solutions to address the opioid epidemic and growing health disparities. He will file legislation to significantly increase the number of treatment beds, mental health providers, and expand wraparound services.

Jon believes that improving access to medication-assisted treatment, funding innovative solutions, and working to address the underlying stigma of addiction are vital if we are to address the public health crisis of our generation. As a resident of the South End, Jon is acutely aware of the quality-of-life issues brought on by the opioid crisis. He will work to expand services to neighboring towns and across the state so that his community doesn’t bear the full burden. As a clinician, Jon understands the challenges service providers face and will work with them to foster a more collaborative relationship with neighbors to address quality-of-life issues such as needles and safety.

Right to Housing

Boston is faced with one of the most expensive housing markets in the state and the country. Now a homeowner, Jon grew up in subsidized housing. He understands the challenges that working families face when paychecks have to be stretched to afford rent and basic necessities. Jon is committed to ensuring affordable housing options are protected and expanded. He will push for developers to provide more onsite affordable housing, support pathways for increased homeownership, and support regulations of the short-term rental industry that make sure that long-term residents aren’t getting pushed out of our community. Many families in the district are property-rich but income-poor and have to consider selling their home out of necessity. Jon will fight for better tax relief so that these families can keep their homes and remain a part of the community’s social fabric.

An Economy That Works For Everyone

Massachusetts is one of the wealthiest states in the country, but also one of the most unequal. Too many residents are being left behind in our growing economy. Having grown up in underserved communities, Jon’s personal experiences have given him insight into the many challenges that people in our community, particularly those of color, face daily. Jon will fight for working-class and poor families who, despite working multiple jobs, never seem to catch a break. Jon will support policies to level the playing field, such as cracking down on wage theft, strengthening unions, prohibiting the use of mandatory arbitration in employment contracts, and adopting a progressive income tax.

Better Education For All

From attending under-resourced grade schools and community college to graduating from a prestigious medical school, Jon has lived and borne witness to the great disparity of our educational system. Massachusetts has some of the best schools in the country, but one of the most unequal education systems. He will not settle for a public education system that is underfunded, overworked, and not committed to serving our most vulnerable children. For too long, Beacon Hill has been shortchanging Boston Public Schools through an outdated funding formula and a failure to fulfill its current obligations. Jon believes in a robust public education system that spans from universal pre-K to a debt-free post-secondary degree, with strong reinvestment in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) education.

Supporting 21st Century Transportation Infrastructure

Our community is one of the densest in Boston and the Commonwealth. Public transportation is a driver of our economy and a lifeline for many residents. As a frequent MBTA rider and cyclist who does not own a car, Jon recognizes the importance of reliable, efficient, and safe public transportation options. Jon believes in increasing our investment in MBTA so that we can have the quality of service we all need and deserve, and the Fair Share amendment is an important first step. Additionally, Jon is adamant that pedestrian and bike safety must be prioritized, particularly when in thoroughfares such as Mass. Ave, Tremont Street, and Huntington Ave. Jon will fight for policies that encourage healthy and equitable modes of transportation.

Reforming our Political System

Massachusetts is the birthplace of American democracy, but in recent years, we have lagged behind other states when it comes to protecting and expanding voting rights. With the Trump administration waging an assault on this cornerstone of democracy, it is all the more important to fight to make sure that every voice can be heard in our elections. Jon will champion policies that bring out elections into the 21st century, such as Automatic Voter Registration, Election Day Registration, and expanding early voting to include primaries and municipal elections.

Moreover, it is unacceptable that Massachusetts has some of the weakest public records laws in the country, and Jon will support efforts to increase access to public records and make Beacon Hill more transparent.

Protecting Our Environment

Climate change threatens our very existence. As a coastal city, Boston will be hit especially hard, but Beacon Hill has failed to address the climate crisis with the necessary urgency. We can no longer have our property, lives, and future hanging in the balance as politicians shy away from difficult decisions. Jon will fight for a transition to 100% renewable energy, a tax on carbon emissions, greater investment in and incentives for renewable energy, and the elimination of outdated policies that limit the growth of the clean energy economy, such as the the cap on solar net metering. Locally, Jon will stand with the community in making sure that developers adhere to environmentally sound guidelines that commit to a greener future.

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