Jon's Vision

An Arts and Culture Renaissance

Boston is a city grounded in art and culture, with a rich history of cutting edge cultural innovation. We have some of the greatest cultural institutions in the world, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and Boston Pops. These iconic institutions continue to inspire and uplift our residents every day, giving our city a unique vibrancy achieved only through art.

Boston is also home to some of the most talented and hard working artists and musicians in the world. But right now, our artists and musicians need help. Even before COVID, our creative workers were being displaced from their neighborhoods due to skyrocketing rents, a lack of economic opportunities, and little support from city hall. Our students continue to miss out on arts and culture education and experiences due to a lack of funding and vision. COVID has only served to further exacerbate the burdens our creative workers faced. Many residents who relied on gigs, commissions, or short-term contracts were forced out of the city and have not been able to return. We must use every tool at our disposal to bring those creatives back and facilitate the rebirth of our flourishing arts and cultural industries.

As a state representative who represents a district with one of the highest concentrations of artists and musicians in the state, Jon understands the importance of investing in the arts, providing affordable housing to creative workers, and providing the resources our artists and musicians need to succeed. Jon voted to significantly increase funding in the Mass Cultural Council with an additional investment of $20 million in FY22, representing the highest level of funding proposed for the cultural sector by the state in decades. Jon also supports the Film Tax Credit that many residents and union workers rely on. 

Jon knows that our creative workers need urgent relief. He also views our COVID recovery as a chance to expand the impact of our arts community while further embedding arts and culture in the planning process of our city. Jon has a vision to support our creative workers by amplifying their voices and advocating for the resources and support they need to continue creating art.

  1. Attract, support, and invest in our art community.
    • Affordable housing for artists and musicians.
      • Creating specific rental vouchers earmarked for local artists.
      • Fight for more artists live/work in new developments.
      • Require landlords to accept contracts as valid sources of income.
    • Treat artists and musicians as small business owners.
      • Expand presence of the arts sector in small business districts by working with Main Streets organizations.
    • Use city hall as an economic anchor for artists and musicians.
      • Expand artist sponsorship programs and guarantee work for artists and musicians.
      • Work toward long-term contracts and retainers for local artists.
    • Implement an arts focused budget. 
      • Commit $7 million in arts focused grants.
      • Allocate $3 million for the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture.
  1. Empower our homegrown arts and cultural leaders.
    • Guarantee access to arts in BPS.
      • Implement Masscore graduation standards that require 126 hours of arts education.
    • Create pipelines from BPS into arts and culture jobs. 
      • Fully funding youth summer jobs and creating new partnerships with arts institutions.
  1. Create new spaces for arts, culture, celebration, and creativity. 
    • Center and support BIPOC artists.
    • Make it easier for public art in our city.
  1. Make arts and culture central to our post-COVID renaissance.
    • Ensconce arts and culture in neighborhood zoning plans.
      • Create a specific position within the BPDA to advocate for arts and culture in neighborhood master plans
    • Put artists and musicians at the forefront of our economic recovery.
    • Expand the reach of our arts community.
    • Youth art enrichment opportunities.